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April 2011


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New book helps widows cope with a variety of issues faced after the death of a husband.


April 15, 2011

Dealing with the death of a spouse is difficult enough without the myriad of other issues that appear. The new widow is faced with questions involving legal issues, personal issues, and financial issues, and she receives as many opinions as there are people she knows. But a new book, Alone and Alive - A Practical Guide for Dealing With the Death of Your Husband, offers a simple to read, yet detailed guide, covering many of the challenges a widow must face. It’s message: You may be alone, but you are very much alive and can be happy again.

Author, Janet Boyanton, is a probate, estate planning, and elder law attorney with a Master’s of Business Administration and a Master’s of Divinity to her credit. But mostly she is a widow, like her readers, and brings to the book both her personal experience, her professional experience, and her education. This makes her uniquely qualified to address the issue.

Boyanton identifies one major concern to the new widow and that is making important decisions too quickly. She advises the new widow to wait a year before making any life changing decisions, unless there is a compelling reason not to. The reason for this is that in the middle of grief, the urge to run away from things that remind you of your husband may be too hard, and bad choices can be made.

While major life changing decisions, such as selling your house or moving away should be postponed as possible, there are many decisions that must be made in the weeks and months immediately following a death. These include assessing your financial situation, determining what your living situation is and how to manage it, dealing with the probate of the estate, and dealing with other grieving family members.

Boyanton also deals with long term issues, such as choosing where to live and how to know when the time is appropriate to date or remarry. Each topic of importance is addressed individually, offering the reader an opportunity to select and read only those portions that are relevant to the stage of grief that the widow is dealing with.

The appendices in the book offer worksheets designed to assist the reader in assessing her situation and to provide family members with detailed information in the event of an emergency. These worksheets, while beneficial to the new widow, would also be of great benefit to anyone who reads the book. This book Is an easy read, sprinkled liberally with personal experiences and antidotes, which keep it from becoming a very dry text, yet in between the antidotes is an enormous amount of useful, detailed information that should help anyone who has lost a spouse navigate the maze of decisions that must be made.

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