Alone and Alive

a practical guide for dealing with the death of your husband

"Mom, Dad’s sitting in a chair with his eyes closed, and he won’t open them, even if I yell at him!" The sound of my nine-year-old son’s voice filled me with dread. My husband and son were camping at a state park to celebrate Thomas’ 10th birthday. I called the ambulance, but it was too late. My husband, Bob, was dead. In an instant my life changed forever.

My life was changed forever, but it was not over. I discovered that while I was alone, I could still be happy.

This book is a compassionate guide designed to provide information to help widows and other women start on a journey to a joyful new life. It addresses such issues as:

  • finances
  • children’s grief
  • probate
  • dating
  • living arrangements
  • legal documents

It offers personal insights, as well as concrete advice on how to deal with the loss.

Janet BoyantonAbout the Author

Janet Boyanton is an attorney practicing probate, estate planning, and elder law in Texas. In addition to her JD, she holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Amber University and a Master’s of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. Her education, combined with her personal experience as a widow, gives her a unique position from which to address the issues that affect all women who have suffered a loss.

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